It did! It did!

March 16, 2013


Yesterday was yesterday. This is today... Tack, världen.

It was in the air

March 15, 2013


A post in which SaraErika reacts to the weather.

Kom an bara, 2013, I dare you!

January 26, 2013


SaraErika makes predictions about a grey year to come. Good grey. Maybe even cosy-old-wizard-with-fireworks grey.

Ett nytt år. Nya tecken. Nya önskningar. Och gråhet.

Illustration Friday – Wings

January 26, 2013


A post in which SaraErika finds a wooden toy with wings, but without head. That bothered someone who brought out the marker pen.

SaraErika har hittat en liten träleksak med vingar och klor men utan huvud. Någon har stört sig på det och ritat dit ögon och mun med märkpenna.


December 14, 2012


A post in which SaraErika connects some elementary dots on the Internet. There are also zombies.

Illustration Friday – Sky

October 25, 2012


sunset, noctilucent, air, cloud, sky

A post in which SaraErika evesdrops on old ladies. And doomsday is coming.

Also it is beautiful.

SaraErika lyssnar på tanter. Undergången visar sig. Himlen är vacker men fångas inte riktigt på bild.

Not running around at midnight any more?

June 14, 2012


Quickly popping in here to test a new Spotify feature, while waiting to get my hands on a new album. (Also: Working.)  Please let me know how it works! I’ll put it in a right hand side widget if it turns out to be nice.  Advertisements