My workplace – a photo album

Posted on December 11, 2015


Good Morning!

I think it is lovely that you care to separate your recycling, compost and regular trash.
But please, did you have to dump it all in my workplace?

I pass by hundreds of apartment doors every night on my job. Last week I tired of tripping over (and the smell, seriously) other people’s trash bags and instead I decided to make a photo album. (Don’t try to change others, right? It is easier and makes me happier to change my own view of things. At least things that don’t matter more than this on a larger scale.)

Now every forgotten trash bag gives me a little bit of joy instead because I get to add a picture to this collection.

I started on a Thursday. Today its been nine eight days, and 35 pictures. Things that appear more than once in the album simply stood there still the next day. And the compost bag that triggered this whole thing, well, I didn’t go back for that one when the decision was made.

EDIT: Adding pictures continually.


Please, WordPress, stop fucking with me… There should be 80-100 pictures here and you show one, and change the html code while I’m not even in edit mode.