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Posted on March 14, 2015


Happy π Day Everybody!

At least everyone who uses the mm.dd date format. So… mostly Americans I guess. And who thinks that 3.14 is nice and interchangable for π.
(I know, 3.14 is awsome, it’s got digits and decimals and stuff! That does not make it more exact than π. π is even easier to write unless you are using a calculator, and it doesn’t have a π button.)

I will celebrate π today. Probably with pie since it seems aproriate…

This said, I usually put more enthusiasm into celebrating July 22nd. A day we call “π-uppskattningsdagen” where I come from. It can be translated to π Appreciation(1) Day.

  • 22/7 is a closer approximation of π than 3.14 is.
  • 22/7 is wonderfully simple and useful when the rest if your calculation is in fractions of integers.
  • 22/7 is an aporoximation of π which is not as well known as the 3.14 one.
  • 22/7 is an actual date that follows a format that makes sense, the 22nd day of the 7th month. Also that is the format used in the Homeland.

This year is special.
(Yeah. This year is now and now is always more special than then. Or is that just me?) This year is soecial to all of you who write your dates in the mm.ddyy format. (Please, raise a hand if you do!)

This year your team wins the approximation cup!

3.1415, and I’m sure you can squeeze in some hour, minute and maybe even second digits to that.

The more important question, though, is:
Blueberry, rhubarb or bramble-berry?

Paj paj.

Fractions of π?

1: Or Approximation, it’s the same word.

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