Random giraffes

Posted on November 11, 2013


The past few weeks have for some reason featured a lot of giraffes. So I felt the need to join the movement. The giraffe movement.

This recent spree started with XKCD running back to basic: Hobbies & Dinosaurs

Hobbies + Dinosaurs = Giraffes

This gives rise to a few notes:

  • It is over 20 years since the Jurassic Park came out. And when it returned to the cinemas this summer it wasn’t the added 3D effects that made it worth going. (But it was worth going in spite of them.)
  • Height also features giraffes and sauropods.
  • Apparently, in XKCD mathematics 79 + 87 = 1278
  • My first giraffe association, thanks to China Mieville, is a rather nightmarish one. It is the ravenous giraffe packs of Un Lun Dun. And they are some scary, ravenous beasts.

    Thank you for that image, China.

    But a serious thank you for these covers. (Cover artist, anyone?)

    My other association is an illustration I once did for a puzzle, or rather for an explanation of why the criteria in the puzzle weren’t enough to come to the nice and symmetric solution you were tempted to jump to.

    giraffe, unicycle, fuse, pzzle

    Some days you just can’t get rid of an anisotropic fuse!

    My third association goes way back to fifth grade. We had a home assignment to write about an animal (probably not just any animal but I don’t remember the framework). There was a little overlap. Two or three animals were written bout by two kids. I was one such kid. The giraffe was one such animal.
    We handed it in for correction and then each, in turn, read it in class. The teacher had prepared a few questions to ask on each presentation.
    The other giraffe-kid read her piece before me. I listened intently to be prepared if I had something new to say when it was my turn or if I would only be repeating this popular girl.

    Miss Popular finished — Yes! She didn’t say my vertebrae thing! — and the teacher said: “Well, wasn’t that interesting!” And then she asked if we could tell her how many cervical vertebrae a giraffe has.



    Me: Uhmm… Seven. But that was in my text…

    Teacher: “Oh, that goes to show that even I am not always listening.”


    Teacher: “But, I found that vertabrae thing really interesting.”