Posted on June 12, 2011


When my ship comes in.

I sit in my window watching the birds in the garden. Wanted to write a blog post . Didn’t want to sit by the computer. What to do…?

Listening to Timbuktu’s new album and to the coffee brewing and to my own confusing thoughts. I dropped one of my necklace pendants last Thursday on a photo session. Got good photos but nothing to sell with them… Haven’t removed it from Etsy yet. Hm.

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is “swept”. I think of just having swept the sink clean. And of the magpie that swept by my window. And of the insects you have to sweep away if you sit too long below the caprifolium bush.

I am not entirely comfortable with thinking about the sink first…

It’s been too long since I was out sailing.

On today’s to do list:

  • Drink coffee – check
  • Write letter – check
  • Play with the watercolours – check
  • Make copper rings
  • Get at least some of the ideas swirling down on paper
  • Order Elin Boardy’s new book – check
  • Remember some more of the adventure I dreamt this morning

What I’m working on now, apart from said vague ideas, is a byzantine chain made of copper. It is going to be long. As long as I can make it. Which means there’s a risk it will never be finished. But I guess i will run out of copper wire some day…

Well, nevermind.