And then the snow came

Posted on December 6, 2010


Last week the wordpress feature of snowfall kicked in again.

It did the same in real life. The whole town looks like a Christmas card. This time I’ve focused on sculptures, and especially sculptures that look significantly different when covered in snow.

First: My favourite, all categories. I can’t find an English word matching “bältespännare” but the statue depicts two gladiators locked together by their belts. (Literal translation: those strapped together by their belts.) Suggestions anyone?

Bältespännarna av Johan Peter Molin.

"Spartacus: Blood and Snow" ("Bältespännaregruppen" by Johan Peter Molin.)

The rest, I’m afraid, are lions. There’s a lot of lion sculptures in this town. This town is far from the natural habitat of a lion. This first one is posted, with a twin, by the entrance to Röhsska (eg The Röhsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts). And the next one guards, also with a twin, the entrance to the main building of the university.

The Röhsska Museum of Fashion, Design and Decorative Arts

Guardian lion number one. Not really a lion. Really a Chinese Fuh-dog.

Lejon utanför GU:s huvudbyggnad.

Guardian lion two.

Last but not least are creatures you might recognize from here. Whatever mythological world they come from I find it hard to believe they naturally have icicles from their teeth.

Kurs- och tidningsbiblioteket

These babes guard the library. Or at least the library lamp posts.

That’s all for today, folks!

Tomorrow will bring the Swedish text to this post, along with a little snowy playlist.

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