Posted on November 18, 2009


Det blir inget på svenska denna gången. (Det står ändå inget viktigt… Orkar du inte läsa på engelska så kan du kan bläddra ner och titta på bilderna.)


Getting out the jewellery stuff on my work table.

Working with birds

A few days ago I started working again. There’s an idea that has been maturing in an oak cask in the cellar of my mind and I think it’s ready now. And I think it deserves real silver.

I like working with the silver coated copper wire and I’ve been putting off starting to work with the real silver I got on my birthday – mostly because it makes me nervous, I guess. (It is more valuable, I am less experienced in how it twists and turns, and it was a gift, so it sort of matters what exactly this piece of wire becomes.)

Enough with “sort of” and “think” – I know this one should be made in silver and nothing else. Well some oxygen, too.


Old Crow before he turned black?

The design is inspired by some necklaces I saw on my Canada birthday journey, depicting Raven. The Raven who in North American legends made the world.

I had a different goal, but those guys – Raven and Old Crow, who appears in the same legends – have been difficult to shake off. But no, this isn’t them.

Especially the stories of how they each turn their shiny white coats black as coal have been echoing in the back of my head for reasons you will see some decimetres further down…

Raven, Old Crow, Phoenix

Especially the two of them together make me think of Raven and Old Crow.

Apart from what little was told to me in that jewellery/sculpture/art shop in Montreal my basic knowledge of Raven comes from Katharine Judson’s Old Crow Stories (the link goes to and a guest appearance in Charles de Lint’s Widdershins (the link goes to the author’s home page). But mythological or not there is something special about ravens, crows, jackdaws, and all the others. Just look at these etchings by Franc van Oort, Raven 1, Raven 2, or the enamel works of Catherine Crowe Imago corvi (don’t miss “The Story of the Old Crow of Achill”).

There are more crows to come, of that you can be certain.

Anyway. In with the eggs they go!

Raven, PhoenixOld Crow, PhoenixOld Crow, Phoenix

Which one came first?

And as they lie there making a coat of silver oxide we can sit back and ponder the parables that could fit in there…

I already mentioned the change of colours, but more obvious connections could be made from trapping eggs and full grown birds in the same bag. Bearing in mind what it is I try to make – I haven’t told you what that is yet, have I? – I’m a bit sorry that no part of the process involves fire.

Old Crow, Phoenix

Whoever he turns out to be, here he's all black.

The material was a birthday gift, the inspiration comes from a birthday gift, so the outcome will be a… birthday gift. That’s why I don’t really have the liberty of going with the corvid theme. There is a point in sticking to what I aimed for from the start. And I’m almost there now.

The only thing left is to polish up the silver beneath the oxide again in the tip of the feathers. I know I’ve drifted off topic but this is the Phoenix and none of those other birds.

And you, Phoenix Birthday Boy, don’t read this until it is finished, okay? You don’t have time to read blogs anyway. You’ve got work to do!


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