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December 11, 2015

Pies for Everyone!

March 14, 2015


Happy π Day Everybody! At least everyone who uses the mm.dd date format. So… mostly Americans I guess. And who thinks that 3.14 is nice and interchangable for π. (I know, 3.14 is awsome, it’s got digits and decimals and stuff! That does not make it more exact than π. π is even easier to […]

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Random giraffes

November 11, 2013


Ett inlägg i vilket SaraErika flummar fritt om kameloparder. Bara engelska.

A post in which SaraErika sums up some random stuff about giraffes. No, there's no clever thought behind it.


Fall again

October 10, 2013



Jag hade länge en liten utklippt berglinruta i plånboken. En stornäst streckgubbe stretar mot regn och snålblåst. — Höst igen, tänker han, så oerhört förutsägbart! Fall again. Pick yourself up again.

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Living here now

May 5, 2013


A post in which SaraErika goes on a Sunday walk.


April 14, 2013


A dear meeting in the woods.

SaraErika träffar en kär gammal vän i skogen.

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